Short Biog

As CFO, and as Board Member, I have gained a great deal of experience in an industrial group based in Verona – Italy, primarily involved in international trade.

Working at the side of the owners during the passage of the business from the one generation to the next, and during its transformation from an employer to a manager-run company, I helped develop the international vocation of the business, personally handling foreign start-ups, in China, Turkey, Spain and Ethiopia, overseeing and supporting an ambitious industrial development plan.

As well as my involvement with the management of administration, tax and treasury matters, management control supervision, and business planning, I have introduced new lean cost accounting methods and implemented the international ERP system of the holding company at the foreign subsidiaries, in compliance with local accounting and tax standards and systems.

To raise the company’s profile and enhance its reputation in the eyes of financial stakeholders, I have worked out a corporate reporting procedure that goes beyond the content of the financial statements to embrace, firstly, sustainability reporting and, secondly, integrated reporting.

I am also a member of the Board of Directors, with powers to deal with credit institutions, of the finance company Finval Spa, a public company of Verona, through the promotion of innovative projects helping companies in the process of industrial reconversion.

I take part also in the working group Italian Network for Business Reporting (the NIBR), which works in cooperation with the International Integrated Reporting Council (the IIRC) in London, that itself sets the international guidelines for Integrated Reporting.

Several times as lecturer in training courses and conferences organized by Wolters Kluwer and IPSOA Training School, Business International, ANDAF, CUOA Business School, University of Verona and University of Ferrara.